R&D activities have been a part of our dna since the very beginning

Stratosphere commitment to applied research, present from its genesis, has provided for both new technologies and solutions but also very skilled personnel and beyond state-of-the-art procedures in advanced materials. It also reinforces the company’s mission to develop and supply innovative, dependable technologies for its customers.
The company also works in partnership with universities and R&D centres in applied research in order to continuously explore new ideas and technologies.


TB30 – Methodology and tools for assessing the structural health and life extension of aircraft.

The SHM-TB30 project intends to create and develop a data analysis system through the implementation of a methodology and construction of the respective advanced tools, for the assessment of the structural condition of an aircraft fleet, enabling the monitoring of the operation in order to optimize it. maintenance plan and a possible extension of aircraft life at acceptable costs. It therefore intends to implement an innovative program for the management of aircraft fleet condition which includes monitoring of usage (operational loading), condition (diagnosis of structural health) and consumption management of its useful life (condition prognosis). The integration of Operational Loading Monitoring (OLM) and condition diagnostics (SHM) will enable the development of new tools that enable the assessment of the condition of aircraft with reduced instrumentation (sensors and data acquisition systems), reducing costs. The strategy involves the complete instrumentation of two aircraft, the construction of transfer functions (flight parameters-operational loading-damage-lifetime), reduced instrumentation of the remaining fleet (for cost savings), and data integration. and information on a software platform.

OceanTech – Intelligent Robotic Vehicles Operations Management System for Global Sea Exploration from Portugal Project.

The project aims to develop, test and validate a pioneer and unique solution in the world market, based for the first time on the collaborative use of different data collection platforms (autonomous vehicles, fixed platforms and hybrid vehicles), using disruptive technologies. and innovative communication systems, designing a solution that ensures communication between the different platforms and between these and a supporting infrastructure, and with the subsea operations management system, data integration, processing and availability of information through its own channels. To achieve the intended objectives, the project will be developed in 6 PPS (Products, Processes or Systems) that we now identify:

· PPS 1: Torpedo AUV
· PPS 2: Seafloor Landers
· PPS 3: Hybrid ROV / AUV
· PPS 4: Operation Support Infrastructure
· PPS 5: Networking Communications System
· PPS 6: Data Integration, Data Processing and Availability Platform.