Gustavo R. Dias, PhD

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer and co-founder

Gustavo serves as a chairman of Stratosphere Board and as its Chief Executive Officer, where, among other areas, he’s responsible for global strategy, marketing and external relations.

Gustavo Dias holds both a Mechanical Engineering and a Master in Structural Engineering degrees from Faculty of Engineering of Oporto University, and received a PhD in Polymer Science and Mechanical Engineering by a join project of University of Minho and Ecole Nationale des Mines, Paris. Gustavo has experience in academic, industrial and engineering activities for over 20 years as a Professor at University of Minho and in R&D both in Portugal and internationally as a researcher in the field of Aerospace aplications of structures, materials and systems development. Several years running projects and organizations providing solutions for leading edge industries such aeronautics and space provided a strong experience in management of complex projects and teams, which has now resulted in his founding Stratosphere to answer critical industry needs.

Júlio C. Viana, PhD

Vice-President Science and Technology & Chief Technology Officer and co-founder

Júlio serves as a member of Stratosphere Board and as its Chief Technology Officer. He holds responsibilities for the company’s operations, research strategy, product development and project management.

Júlio Viana holds a degree in Production Engineering from University of Minho, a Master in Computer Aided Mechanical Engineering Design from Queen´s University of Belfast and a PhD in Polymer Science and Mechanical Engineering from University of Minho. Júlio’s vast, 15+ years, experience in national and international research projects, in advanced materials and production technologies, ranges from pure research to applied industrial solutions. Some of his research work has been on mechanically active polymeric systems and controlled morphology processing applications on Aeronautics & Automotive. His wealth of technological and project management experience provides Stratosphere with leading edge skills and know-how that lead to a steady guidance in the development of highly capable and forward looking solutions to the present and future problems challenging our focus industries.

Tuck Seng Low

Senior Board Adviser

Tuck Seng Low serves as a senior advisor to Stratosphere and responsible for advancing high-level strategic development and financing.

Seng is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and Chartered Fellow of the Institute for Securities and Investment, UK with a background in corporate finance, venture capital and private equity. He has over 25 years of experience in cross-border investment, financing and ventures. He is a Special Adviser to and a Member of the Executive Board of the Swiss-Asian Chamber of Commerce, Zurich. He was a research analyst in the City (London) covering smaller companies and growth sectors from 1987-91 and joined Daiwa from Paribas to co-head privatization activities in Europe and Asia out of London and Hong Kong. In 1999, he joined a Singapore Government-linked company, Keppel T&T, to lead a corporate venturing programme. Since then, he has been engaged in ventures and projects across a range of industries especially technology, real estate and financial services across Europe and Asia.

Eng Ho Ng

Senior Board Adviser

Eng Ho Ng is a senior advisor at Stratosphere. Based in Singapore, his focus at Stratosphere is to develop key coverage of activities in Asia Pacific building on his extensive network and deep experience in the region, especially in technology.

Eng Ho received an undergraduate degree from Cranfield University and an undergraduate degree from Royal Military College of Science. He has served in top management positions in large corporations including Singapore Technologies Telmedia, PT Indosat, and Keppel T&T. He is Founder of Audelia Pte Ltd., Eng Ho is Non-Executive Chairman at Zweec Analytics Pte Ltd. and also sits on the board of FingerMotion, Inc., Audelia Pte Ltd., TNG Fintech Group, Inc. and Aimazing Pte Ltd.