Take full control over the structural condition of your onshore/offshore wind turbines with PRODDIA® W

PRODDIA® W is specifically optimized for the wind energy industry and provides comprehensive structural health monitoring of critical components including blades, foundations and towers in new designs or existing wind turbines generators (WTG). PRODDIA® W captures and analyses data from different sensor technologies and generates vital information regarding the structural health of components to optimize maintenance activities. 

The global solution integrates the following main components:

Instrumented System Wind turbine Zero – The main concept is to instrument a small number of systems – called Wind Turbine Zero – to be able to retrieve data for the selected components and from inertial acceleration measured on the hub making available the possibility to calculate synchronous transfer functions to be used on data driven digital twin. 

Data Driven Digital Twin  – From transfer functions correlation it is possible to construct a data driven digital twin as a high fidelity analysis model. That enables a very precise dynamic stress analysis of the components and also the evaluation of damage onset. The digital twin can be used to evaluate any system of the wind farm. The model can be global or partial enabling for each system (wind turbine) the calculation of stress/strain dynamical data in each component and damage status evaluation.

PRODDIA®W2020– From the information calculated in the Data Driven Digital Twin – that will work as a module in the processing centre of PRODDIA®W2020 the remaining useful life RUL can be calculated at component level and system level and also the visualization of data of each system/component will be possible through the workbench.

Stratosphere S.A. is the developer of PRODDIA®W the most advanced SHM system for WTGs.