STRATOSPHERE S.A. in the celebration of 30 years of POSAT-1

At 2.45 a.m. (Lisbon time) on 25 September 1993, flight 59 of the Ariane 4 rocket was launched from the European Spaceport in French Guiana. It represented the space ambitions of a country preparing to put a satellite into orbit for the first time.

The launch of PoSAT-1 was the beginning of the journey towards Portugal in Space, and the conference will also be the stage for a conversation about the future. The discussion will bring together those responsible for several initiatives in Portugal in satellite constellation development and how the national ecosystem is positioned in the global market.

In the morning, a few memories will be shared with Fernando Carvalho Rodrigues, considered the “father” of the first Portuguese satellite. He will be joined by António Seixas (then a member of the Portuguese Air Force), Deodato Cardoso (former OGMA), Fernando Costa (former Portugal Telecom), João Batalha (former Marconi), José Rebordão (former INETI), Miguel Leitmann (former INETI), Óscar Barbosa (former EFACEC) and Mira Amaral (Minister of Industry and Energy in 1993). The panel will also include Conceição Lino, one of the Portuguese journalists who witnessed the launch from the Spaceport of Kourou in French Guiana.

A second panel will focus on satellite constellation projects currently being developed under the RRP and others being designed under international partnerships. The debate will therefore bring together GEOSAT, Lusospace, the IDD/Tekever, CEiiA/Edisoft and Efacec/Spinworks consortia, and Stratosphere. The discussion will also include the head of the ISTnanosat-1 project, developed by students from Instituto Superior Técnico under the Fly Your Satellite programme of the European Space Agency (ESA).

The CEO of Stratosphere S.A. Dr. Gustavo Rodrigues Dias participated on the second panel presented the main results of NewSAT program leaded by Stratosphere and with the participation of INEGI, INESCTEC and MIT.

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