NEWSAT – Completes a Major Milestone – Finalising the Scientific Mission Requirements and Notional Satellite Architecture

NewSat is a MIT-Portugal Flagship project led by Stratosphere S.A. with the objective to develop beyond state of art technology for small satellite applications.

With a consortium comprising INEGIINESC TEC and MIT the program is focused on the development of disruptive technologies such a digital twins combined with hybrid design approaches for satellite engineering and novel 3DP electric rockets, compact ion and neutral mass spectrometers based on 3DP quadrupole mass filter and carbon nanotube electron impact, additively manufactured Langmuir probes and retarding potential analysers (RPAs), among others.

NewSat completes a Major Milestone, defining the Scientific Requirements of the program. Focused on the analysis and study of Ionosphere F-Layer (above 240km altitude) and taking advantage of the new 3DP electric rockets to establish manoeuvres to preform sweep orbits at increasing altitude. The chosen orbit will be a LEO (Low Earth Orbit) Polar orbit to enable the efective sweep of Ionosphere from Equator to Earth Poles.

Additionally to the Scientific Requirements the Notional Satellite Architecture was established with aim to define the future implementable satellite for mission development. The Notional Satellite Architecture was defined as 6U structure with four deployable solar panels, together with the base specifications for the support systems, such: power management, ADCS, CDHS and COMS. Those will support the mission payload (e.g mass spectrometer, Langmuir probes and RPAs).

The Notional Architecture will serve as base for future complete mission establishment and launch opportunities. NewSat is establishing partnerships with other programs, such CHESS, to enable preliminary payload flight tests in mid 2023 to enable a complete mission definition based on the Notional Satellite Architecture.