STRATOSPHERE S.A. strengths partnership with Curtiss-Wright for Space applications

Curtiss-Wright designs and manufactures ruggedised COTS data acquisition system primary used in Flight Test Instrumentation.

These COTS products have been qualified and re-tasked for use in Space applications, primarily for launcher and low orbit spacecrafts.In addition to Space COTS hardware.

In addition to Space COTS hardware, together with partner companies such Stratosphere SA, all life-cycle services expected by Space customers are provided.

  • Qualification testing (functional, vibration, shock, thermal-vacuum, EMC/EMI, radiation)
  • Acceptance testing (functional, vibration, thermal cycling)
  • SDRLs
  • Product Assurance & Program Management.

Very experienced Space engineering team, with proven track record of Space program deliveries since 2006:

  • SpaceX Falcon 1, Falcon 9, Dragon
  • Boeing CST-100 Starliner
  • International Space Station
  • Sierra Space Dream Chaser
  • ESA/Thales Space Rider
  • ABL Space Systems  RS1
  • Firefly Alpha•Rocketlab Electron
  • Blue Origin Blue Moon

Stratosphere SA in close collaboration with Curtiss-Wright can provide a comprehensive solution for our costumers.

  • Development of analytics tools based on physical based and AI.
  • Space development & operational flight instrumentation
  • Design/modification of existing COTS products
  • Qualification testing
  • Acceptance testing of several flights.
  • SDRLs

Stratosphere S.A. Has a beyond state technology fully aligned with the major tech trends. The company developed over the last 10 years technology for Digital Twins, SHM, WHM and IVHM, AFS and Small Satellites. Our technology is one of the most advanced frameworks in the Industry.

Stratosphere S.A. is a global provider of integrated health management solutions. The robustness and integration of its solutions are the pinnacle of SHM systems.