Stratosphere S.A. – Develops Structural Health Management Systems for Advanced Turboprops

Stratosphere S.A. is developing an world class SHM solution for high performance Turboprop Trainers based on PRODDIA AERO.

Throughout the service life of the aircraft, structural health monitoring (SHM) collects and analyzes data obtained from a wide range of connected sensors. It is a non-destructive, continuous data collecting method for recognizing and quantifying the state of deterioration of an object to forecast the need for repair and maintenance. The real-time data collection and analysis can help make appropriate decisions to avoid accidents and unprecedented failures in the aircraft.

The company is preparing the solution for the application on the new high performance Turboprop Trainer from Egmont Aviation.

Stratosphere S.A. Has a beyond state technology fully aligned with the major tech trends. The company developed over the last 10 years technology for SHM, WHM and IVHM, AFS and Small Satellites. Our technology is one of the most advanced frameworks in the Industry.

Stratosphere S.A. is a global provider of integrated health management solutions. The robustness and integration of its solutions are the pinnacle of SHM systems.