Stratosphere S.A. develops one of the most advanced SHM systems for Deep Offshore operations under project – OCEANTECH –

OceanTech is a Strategic Program of Research and Development with fundamental objective to develop cutting edge technology and beyond state of art products for deep sea applications for the global market. The project is lead by Abyssal with the partnership of  IPMA, CEiiA, TEKEVER ASOceanScanUniversidade do Porto, TEKEVER ASDSUsimeca,Universidade do Algarve, Stratosphere, TEKEVER TI and Instituto Superior Técnico.

This Strategic Program of Research and Development is supported by é apoiado pela ANI – I&DT Empresarial – Programas Mobilizadores, and co financed by FEDER.

The results of the project were presented on a public session. In CEIIA and in MARIO RUIVO IPMA Research Ship.

Stratosphere S.A. is a global provider of integrated health management solutions. The robustness and integration of its solutions is the pinacle of SHM systems.