STRATOSPHERE S.A. develops a new SHM solution for regional aircrafts.

Stratosphere S.A is part of Gavião program. The Gavião program will develop a fuselage solution for regional platforms base on advanced composite materials and manufacturing technologies. The fuselage will have a state of art SHM system based on piezoelectric sensor technology and state of art AI. The Gavião program will developed with AIRBUS and with OPTIMAL Lda, ISQ and INEGI and is part of a national response strategy to the challenges created by sustainable development in the aeronautics sector.

Stratosphere S.A is the responsible partner for the development of the Structural Health Management platform – SHM -. Based on Stratosphere S.A proprietary technology the new platform will be one of the most advanced Health Management platform enabling the analysis of the health of components and also at system level of the platform status.

STRATOSPHERE S.A. develops beyond state of art technology for diagnosis and prognosis of advanced systems status and Digital Twins for Aerospace applications.