SHM for Spacecraft Structures

Spacecraft structures are subjected to the harsh thermo-mechanical environments of space as well as launch. They can be in operation for decades and offer little opportunity for servicing. In addition, modern spacecraft carry large apertures that are packaged and deployed on orbit. Such deployable structures are subjected to high strains and even when deployed, can be flexible when compared to structures on the ground. Therefore, it is crucially important to understand the state of these structures, whether to measure their shape or detect damage. Stratosphere SA contributes on all aspects of structural monitoring specific to spacecraft structures. Focused on: structural health monitoring for thin composite materials, sensing for the space environment, monitoring of large flexible structures, and lightweight, energy-efficient sensing of large structures.

Stratosphere S.A. Has a beyond state technology fully aligned with the major tech trends. The company developed over the last 10 years health management systems and technology for SHM, WHM and IVHM and AFS. Our technology is one of the most advanced frameworks in the Industry.

Stratosphere S.A. is a global provider of integrated health management solutions. The robustness and integration of its solutions are the pinnacle of SHM systems.