Electronics and Instrumentation Consulting

Electronics & Instrumentation Consulting

Monitoring systems
for analysis of
system status

We provide to our custumers focused monitoring systems for specific problems across several industry segments

Our engineering team evaluates the problem and delivers integrated monitoring systems for the analysis of system status. The services comprise the engineering evaluation of the issues, the selection or development of the sensor and monitoring systems, the implementation of the diagnosis metric and the final deployment on customer site.

Instrumentation & Data Acquisition Systems – Expertise on instrumentation and test of mechanical structures using strain gages, accelerometers, piezoelectric sensors and laser’s, for modal analysis, mechanical properties extraction and structural health monitoring.¬†Design the architecture of data acquisition systems with integrated pre-processing and post processing algorithms, and system diagnosing tools.

Signal Processing & Data Treatment – Development of advanced signal processing tools for data mining and feature extraction.

Product development РDesign and implementation of electronic based products (i.e. hardware, firmware, software and casing). Experience on industrialization and certification of electronic products (i.e. CE mark, electromagnetic compatibility)