Advanced Analysis Consulting

We provide to our custumers advanced analysis and consultancy on engineering problems.

We are focused on advanced dynamical structural and multiphysics simulations providing state of art insight to very challenging problems. Our team also develops behavioral constitutive modelling for advanced material systems enabling the inclusion of new materials behavior in the engineering analysis procedures.

Multiphysics Analysis

Based on commercial FE codes and in-house codes we provide the following simulation capabilities on several multiphysical fields

  • Fully-coupled thermomechanical analysis;
  • Thermo-electrical analysis;
  • Electrical and electro-magnetic analysis;
  • Piezoelectric analysis;
  • Electromechanical impedance analysis;
  • Vibroacoustic Analysis

Our experience in vibration-based SHM-Structural Health Monitoring provided us a strong experience in several dynamical-related fields

  • Modal dynamical analysis (transient and steady-state);
  • Random vibration analysis;
  • Acoustic analysis;
  • Sensor (accelerometer and strain sensor) positioning;
  • Structural Analysis

The assessment of the mechanical behaviour of structures can be performed through an extensive list of simulation procedures, depending on the physics of the problem:

  • Static analysis;
  • Dynamic analysis (time and frequency domain);
  • Impact simulations;
  • Fatigue analysis;
  • Fracture analysis;
  • Buckling and post-buckling analysis;
  • Constitutive Models

In-house constitutive modelling knowledge and experience support the deployment of numerical models considering both simple and complex material behaviours, such as:

  • Hyperelasticity (rubber and rubber-like materials)
  • Viscoelasticity (time and frequency domain)
  • Viscoplasticity
  • Elastoplasticity
  • Elasticity