Innovative Aircraft Cockpit Structures enter in Ground Testing Phase with Stratosphere S.A. structural health management technologies

The challenge was launched by Airbus Defense and Space – to produce lighter aircraft, resistant to impact and noise, with high structural performance and electromagnetic compatibility. The answer came from the PASSARO consortium, which joined Stratosphere S.A. with 10 other entities, to develop new solutions that meet these requirements.The project now enters the test phase, in real scale and on the ground, of the representative prototypes. One of these tests takes place in a cockpit structure, where the team will check the impact resistance of birds on carbon panels with added graphene. For now, they anticipate that the solution will have a resistance equivalent to traditional solutions, but that it will allow an 8% reduction in the cockpit's weight.

Stratosphere S.A. was in charge of developing new and innovative health management solutions, as well as evaluating the performance on composite materials. 
The PASSARO project - Capabilities for Innovative Structural and Functional Testing of Aerostructures is part of the AIRFRAME-ITD of the Clean Sky 2 Programme, and is co-financed under the Horizon 2020 program – Community Framework Program for Research & Innovation.
Stratosphere S.A. is the leading company on SHM systems development and deployment.

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