Innovation Radar from European Commission highlights the Market creation potential of project SMARTFAN

Smartfan aims at the micro and Nano components, which will be used due to their special physico-chemical properties, in order to develop smart (bulk) materials for final application on intelligent structures. CFs for reinforcement and conductivity variance, CNTs and CNFs for sensing, Micro-containers for self-healing, Electro-Magnetic nanoparticles for fields detection and shielding, colouring agents for marking cracks and defects, piezoelectric materials can be the base for manufacturing new smart materials. In order to develop lightweight composite materials and transfer the properties of smart components into bulk materials polymer based matrices, such as Epoxy, PEEK, PVDF etc., will be used because of their compatibility with the above mentioned components, their low cost and their recyclability/reusability. During synthesis of composite bulk materials several processes should take place in order to preserve the special physico-chemical properties of composites and to achieve the best dispersion in the bulk.  

STRATOSPHERE S.A. develops beyond state of art technology for diagnosis of status of advanced materials, on SmartFan project the technology user is an advanced Electrical Tomography technology applicable to any conductive material.

More Information: INORADAR